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    A specialist Melbourne family law firm, delivering results with integrity.

    Our Melbourne-based team of Family Lawyers will work with you to achieve positive outcomes in legal matters associated with relationship breakdown and other Family Law issues.


Expert Guidance

You can always rely on the quality and integrity of our advice, and know that we will always prioritise your best interests.

Supportive & Compassionate

Our team of family lawyers take a holistic, compassionate approach to supporting you through your family law matters.

Fair Negotiations

We firmly believe in reaching fair outcomes, using collaborative law and mediation to reach agreements wherever possible.

Our Melbourne family lawyers will support you, even in the most difficult moments.

We know that navigating family law matters isn't easy. If you are experiencing a family or relationship breakdown, emotions and stress can take a toll.

You'd probably prefer not to deal with legal matters and lawyers during times that are already hard enough, we understand that. We focus on supporting you and your family to achieve best-case scenario outcomes, whenever possible.

You'll find our team supportive, compassionate, and committed to achieving the most amicable and affordable solutions for you. We aim to avoid the court process wherever we can by successfully negotiating fair agreements that allow you to move forward with your life.

How can a family lawyer help me in resolving family disputes?

A good family lawyer will guide you through your family dispute, ensuring you know the laws and options available. Family lawyers will negotiate on your behalf, organise mediation or use collaborative law approaches to resolve the matter.

Laws can be complex to understand, and the communication and negotiation processes necessary to come to a resolution are challenging if both parties are emotional. Our family lawyers will work to ensure your needs and opinions are heard and that a fair outcome is reached. A family lawyer will assist significantly with negotiations, and you'll have peace of mind that you are making informed decisions that are in your best interests.

Family & Relationships

Tonkin Law are family law experts. If you're looking for quality legal advice from experienced family lawyers, contact the Tonkin Legal Group today.

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Wills & Estate Planning

Everyone should consult an estate lawyer prior to writing a will. Tonkin Law are experts in wills and estate planning. Contact us today to find out more.

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Property & Conveyancing

Get expert advice and support when buying property from the property and conveyancing team at Tonkin Law with our comprehensive conveyancing service

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What is family law, and what areas does it cover?

How much does getting a divorce cost?

Getting a divorce in Victoria, without enlisting Family Lawyers will generally incur a Court filing fee of $1,060, which is the cost of filing for a divorce. You may be eligible for a reduced fee of $350 if you receive a government benefit, hold a valid concession card, have been granted legal aid or can demonstrate financial hardship. These fees are increased by the Federal Government on 1 July each year.

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Do I need a lawyer to get a divorce?

In most cases, divorce is a straightforward process, which can be done without the assistance of a lawyer.

It's best to seek legal assistance though, if:

  • You are experiencing family violence or have an a Family Violence Intervention Order or Personal Safety Intervention Order in place
  • You or your children are at risk of harm
  • You are unable to locate your original marriage records
  • Your partner is unable to be located, or served with paperwork
  • Your marriage requires nullification rather than a divorce order
  • Your marriage certificate is not in English (usually a translation and affidavit are required)

Can you get divorced in Australia if I was married overseas?

You can get a divorce in Australia in most cases, though some conditions apply, which are:

  1. One of you or your ex-partner are Australian citizens, or have lived in Australia for one year before applying.
  2. You or your ex-partner have been living in Australia for the last year.
  3. You call Australia home and plan to stay here for at least the next year.

If you are having any issues filing for a divorce in an international marriage, contact our team for advice.

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Our Family Law Services

Pre-nuptial agreements

Get your pre-nuptial agreement drafted by Tonkin Law. This is a very important document and you should seek experts in pre-nuptial agreement law to draft it

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Fixed fee pre-separation advice

As experienced divorce lawyers, we offer our clients pre-separation advice to help protect the best interests of everyone involved. Find out more online

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Negotiating separation

Tonkin Law has team of experienced divorce lawyers who can help couples in the process of negotiating separation while protecting everyone's best interests

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Finalising your divorce

Tonkin Law can help you in the process of finalising your divorce. Call us today to speak with one of our experienced divorce lawyers, confidentially.

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Dealing with family violence

We help anyone experiencing family violence & have a supportive family law team to provide you with the advice you need to protect yourself and your family

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Defending an Intervention Order

Our team of family lawyers can help people who have been served with an intervention order and offer advice and information to improve understanding.

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